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Kirtipur Moto

Images of Nepal UK Registered Charity No. 1102897 was established in 2003 for the sponsorship of under privileged children in Kirtipur, Kathmandu. Nepal. 



Hello and welcome to Images of Nepal

A charity providing sponsored education and training for some of the disadvantaged  children from the Kirtipur Municipality of Nepal.

Images of Nepal ensures every penny you donate is used  for the education and welfare of a Nepalese child, who you get to know personally.

Images of Nepal provides information in letters, school reports, photographs, DVD 's and e-mails about 'your' child.

Images of Nepal does not use a single penny of your donation towards the administration costs of the charity, or for the wages of our employees in Nepal.

The charity currently (as of 31.03.2021) has 83 children in education under the age of 16, sponsored by 74 members (sponsors). 

Please see the latest newsletter for up to date charity details.


"I have spread my dreams at your feet, tread softly because you tread on my dreams"

W B Yeats 


Please help us to expand the charity by telling your friends, colleagues or relatives about us.

Interested in becoming a sponsor or want more information please can contact us

By phone UK Mobile: Raji Pathak 07473 919742

By E-mail: kevinksmith99@yahoo.com

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Nepal is a landlocked country located in Southern Asia between China and India.

it is approximately 550 miles by 120 miles with a land height that rises from 70m above sea level to 8850m above sea level (Mount Everest)

Nepal's rising population of about 26 million has a literacy rate of  45.5%, and has a high infant mortality rate.

Kirtipur Area

Kirtipur comprises of 26 various villages and hamlets on the southern edge of the Kathmandu valley with a population of about 54,000 and rising.

There are very few free (Government) schools in the area.

In this semi rural area the people are of the Newar culture  and most practice Buddhism.

Most homes in Kirtipur have access to electricity but water usually needs to be carried in from a communal tap.


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Images of Nepal UK Registered Charity Number 1102897

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