How Images of Nepal works

You volunteer to sponsor a child, hopefully for a minimum period of one year. You are paired with a child and have the costs of their education clearly explained. You then decide which part/s of these costs you wish to pay. You may wish to pay the whole education cost of a child which is currently approx. £16.00 per month.

You can pay by a variety of ways cheque, cash, standing order or directly into the charity account in Nepal you can also choose to pay monthly or in whatever intervals you wish.

Money is transferred to Nepal where the education of 'your' child is paid to the school either directly by our Charity Manager Laxmi, or by the child's parent. Laxmi advises you on which method she will use as some families can have problems handling money - they have never had it before.

You will then start to receive reports from 'your' childs school, plus letters from your child some written by Laxmi (some children cannot write in English ) photographs of the family and their home, and a DVD about Kirtipur and of your child in his/her own home.

Within reason you can request photographs of anything to do with the child, the family, the school or their home. 

(Please note there is no cost to you for postage, time or resources)

You are most welcome and even positively encouraged to visit 'your' child and Kirtipur if you ever go to Nepal.

 Cost of Sponsorship   

Rounded to the nearest approximate figure. Pay as many of the following costs as you wish (this example is for a year 6 child. School fees are less for reception class to year 5, slightly  more for years 7 to 12


Monthly Cost / Yearly Cost     

School Fees                                                                   £7.15 / £71.50  

Books / Stationary                                                          £0.75 / £7.50 

Uniform                                                                           £0.50 / £5.00

Lunch (Tiffin)                                                                £2.00 / £20.00

Exam Fees                                                                      £1.25 / £2.50

Lab. Fees                                                                       £0.15 / £12.50

Annual Admission Fee                                                             £13.00

Plus Birthdays & Christmas as you wish

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