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26th November.2020

Big-hearted Carlisle takeaway gives away thousands to charity | News and Star - Click link for more details 

22nd August 2019 

Sponsored student Swastika she really "Lucky" or "Unlucky" as her sponsor has paid for her first ever visit to a DENTIST! She needs at least one tooth out and a brace

29th July 2019

Pound to Nepalese Rupee Despair...
The pound is only equal to Rs134 today!
Last week it was Rs139 and the month before Rs142
We have no choice but to reduce the amount we can give to the children this month.
So Sorry.
K. Smith / Secretary of the Charity

26th January 2019

Massive Success for Images of Nepal FE Sponsored Student.
Shahista Maharjan from Thowkel, Kirtipur Nepal is in the Philippines studying dentistry. Her sponsor was Val Cumberbirch who sadly passed away a couple of years ago. Val left some money in her will so Shahista could continue to study to be a dentist (just like Val's own daughter) Shahista has now passed the first 4 years of the course. Only 2 more years to go...and just look at her new name badge!.
Her grandfather who sadly died in the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, an ex-Gurkha soldier, would have been very proud of her.
Thank you Val for you sponsorship and thank you Shahista for respecting your sponsor and our little Charity by working so hard. 

8th December 2018

One of our sponsors, Mike from Carlisle, has just returned from visiting Nepal...he met his child, Khushi and also did a trek to's what he said...

After sponsoring the education of a Nepalese girl since the 2015 earthquakes, I decided to return to Nepal and I was privileged to be met at the airport by Laxmi. She organises and coordinates the running of the charity in Nepal. As it was the Diwali festival and therefore holiday time the schools were shut so I couldn’t visit them but did mean that I could visit my sponsored child in her home village.
The girl I sponsored lived in one of the poorest areas of a Kathmandu suburb. We walked there through very dry farmland. The family live in a shack but it was good to see that the first floor of their new house, sponsored by the charity (one room), is almost complete. I met the parents and also some of the other previously sponsored children, one of whom was training to be a teacher and also helps some of the other students.
The evidence of earthquake damage is still obvious in many buildings and the repair and rebuilding is ongoing. It was great to see some of the good work ‘Images of Nepal’ have been doing and also to meet my sponsored child and witness the start of her education.

5th August 2018 

April 2015 Earthquakes and over 300 further tremors in that  year

Fast forward ……. August 2018 The last house rebuild has started! ……. Our little charity altogether lost 42 homes out of about 200 children sponsored. This house took so long to start because the 3 brothers who owned the pile of rubble that was left could not agree how to rebuild! Thanks to a sponsor and gift aid, we bought 2 of the brothers out. A few more months and they will have 2 lovely ground floor rooms and the chance to build higher. 

We can now concentrate on what our charities were set up to do...give children a basic education and support their health while they are sponsored. 
Thank you to everyone involved. (images of Nepal sponsors 82 children and Images of Nepal FE has 109 children in Further Education)

17th June 2018 
This weeks news from Laxmi, in Nepal...Kushi's house is almost ready to be roofed...Leza receives a gift from her sponsor, Anne...Monikas's house in Thowkel is finally starting (27 months after the earthquake). Thanks to sponsors, Monika was able to rent a piece of land to build a temporary shelter while clearing her old temporary shelter to start building her home. 
Just one home left to start...and that will be very soon. 
Some families in Gamcha "squatting" on government land prefer to stay in their brick and tin shelters...these are far better than the old houses they built before the earthquakes and they now have a well thanks to Julie and Steve's Great North Run.

5th June 2018
Thanks to Julie and Steve Brockbank who ran the Great North Run in aid of our small Charity, we have managed to have one well dug in the PANGA area of Kirtipur. 23 of our sponsored children will benefit from this well as will some other local people. The well was originally planned to be a pipe bored well but the Government banned these so our well was dug by hand and is over 60ft deep.
Thanks again Julie and lost a few pints on your run but raised a good few gallons for the Charity!

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